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Manufacturer Since 1988
Kingcason is focusing on combining function and technology resulting in blankets that are luxurious yet affordable.



Fabric For Every Moment

Kingcason is a professional fleece fabric manufacturer in China with 33+ years of manufacturing experience. The factory covering the area of 43,000 square meters and have 300+ workers .We have a full set of dyeing, printing, finishing equipment line. Kingcason products covering Flannel Fleece Fabric, Coral Fleece Fabric,Faux Fur Fabric,Polar Fleece Fabric,Sherpa Fabric,Glow in the Dark Fabric,PV Plush Fabric, Minky Fabric and so on. Daily output fabric is 80T to 100T. Let's talk!

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Kingcason Factory provide non-folded, continuous, and conveniently packaged by-the-yard rolls, which come in different lengths depending upon the material. These rolls provide an industry standard for selling and distribution, and the minimum wholesale order size is at least one sample per purchase. Kingcason can make and/or sell many different fleece fabrics, or can specialize in one material, and this depends upon the buyer’s need and specifications.

Seeking A Fabric Private Label Service?

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Other than providing private label services, Kingcason Factory is a brand name in itself. We save a special collection of quality-guaranteed fabrics for exclusive distributors. How does teaming up and becoming the next Kingcason wholesale distributor sound? If you share our belief in the power of highly qualified fabrics, you’re already equipped for our collaboration!

Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly!

We produce certified and recycled fabrics.
We know that sustainability and quality go together.
We believe that fashion and ecological thinking should go together.
We provide ecologically sustainable yarns, fabrics and we recycle our textile waste into sustainable products.

We Respect Your Time!

Wasting your time or missing set deadlines is not an option. If we say we will deliver in 3 weeks, we do! Besides being equipped with the latest knitting machines, Kingcason Factory is further managed by a team of qualified staff who work around the clock to meet your business needs, all while paying significant attention to the details and delivering impeccable quality.

ISO Certified All The Way!

Kingcason Factory is proven to be the highest quality in the market with GRS certifications. Furthermore, our yarn suppliers are BSCI certified and granted the OEKO-TEX 100 trademark.


Not only do we serve mega-clients, our fabrics wholesale services are extended to promising enterprises that demonstrate high potential to flourish. Being subject matters in the area of fabrics wholesale manufacturing, we vastly boost and empower your fabrics business through passing on our experience in the industry and accompanying you throughout your journey of competing with the best!

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   Addresss :   15, Fuchunjiang Road, Xixia Shu Textile Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
  Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat :  +86 13915071745



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