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The benefits of custom fabrics

Whether you need to make a warm blanket or a stylish coat, our fabrics have you covered. We make sure your brand message travels farther with our custom fabrics.

An attractive design will bring more visibility to your iconic logo and draw more attention to your brand. Our fabrics are comfortable and soft enough to meet the needs of any scene, whether it is to keep you warm indoors, even if you are camping outdoors, we also provide portable and lightweight blankets for outdoor use, or picnic mats, etc., to keep you warm outdoor activities have become more abundant. Check out the full custom fabric collection here.

Easy to customize

Customizing KINGCASON fabrics is a breeze. Upload and preview your logo or artwork using the design tool. We'll take care of the rest.

Our locally designed custom fabrics include bells and whistles that draw more eyeballs to your brand message. On the one hand, it is not inferior in functionality, we can provide different fabrics according to your needs to adapt to different scenarios you need to use.

Personalize to your needs

At KINGCASON, we believe that one fabric cannot fit all, as each brand conveys a different message. That's why we offer smart design options to personalize your fabrics.

If you're planning to give some gifts at a friend's housewarming, choose custom fabric products that come wrapped in gift boxes, ribbons and decorated with cards.

Bulk Pricing

Increase your marketing spend by taking advantage of our wholesale pricing. Since these fabrics are available in a variety of cost options, it's not difficult to choose a promotional item that fits your budget and perfectly accentuates your brand.

Functional Design and Style

KINGCASON's versatile and practical fabrics are available in a variety of designs and styles to meet different promotional needs. Whether your target is a homemaker, outdoor enthusiast or business executive, we have something for everyone. Types of custom fabrics in our store include:

·• Double/single flannel fabric

·• Luminous fabric that glows at night

·• Soft coral fleece fabric

·• Spandex super soft fabric for kids

·• Polar fleece fabric for winter travel

·• Wind and water resistant quilted fabric

·• Skin-friendly lambskin fabric

·• Faux fur fabric from eco-friendly materials

·• Absorbent terry fabric

·• Shiny bronzing fabric

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabrics

Are there color and print options?

Yes, you can personalize your fabrics with your choice of colors and prints. And these fabrics are available in a variety of sizes, from small to large. Choose a promotional bag in a pattern that matches your aesthetic.

Can I buy wholesale?

KINGCASON provides wholesale promotional merchandise for various industries and sectors. You can buy in any quantity and enjoy our Low Price Guarantee when buying in bulk.

What to look for in custom fabrics?

Feel, safety, functionality, lightness and durability are factors to consider when shopping for custom fabrics. Our high-quality fabrics also impress users and onlookers.

Do you have more questions about fabrics? Find out here!

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