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Counting for 33 years experience in fabric industry

As a professional fleece fabric wholesale products supplier with global influence, Kingcason specialized in researching and designing, innovation, and manufacturing for fleece fabric, faux fur fabric, super soft velvet fabric, and so on.

Over the past thirty-three years, Kingcason has been successfully Supporting big and small brands for many high-quality projects with qualified and customized fabric products around the world, consider that the goal of completing a successful project is to optimize the value-cost ratio, we are always looking for appropriate solutions and recommend suitable products for each client.

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Over the past 33+ years, we have built our company into an overall supplier of fleece fabric wholesale ,faux fur fabric,super soft velvet fabric covering products.
Through steady organic growth and strategic development, we've seen decades of excellent performance.
Scroll through our history to see some key moments in Kingcason's growth.
  • 1988
    Two looms entered the textile industry.
  • 1995
    Purchase 2,700 square meters of land to expand production Purchase 2,700 square meters of land to expand production.
  • 2000
    In the industrial park, the scale of the factory expanded to 14,000 square meters.
  • 2003
    The factory moved to a new industrial park and expanded to 50,000 square meters, engaged in cotton fabric printing and dyeing.
  • 2013
    Industry transformation, the establishment of Kingcason Printing and Dyeing Company, specializing in polyester wool fabric printing and dyeing.
  • 2021
    Stepping into the electricity business, the establishment of Refa Industrial.
  • 2022
    Do not forget the original aspiration, build a dream journey.
  • 2025
    By 2025, the company will serve global home furnishing and fashion industry consumers and penetrate 50+ countries, with a total sales volume of 500 million yuan.

Your Satisfaction is Our Aim​​​​​​​

We are keen to provide exceptional services to all of our customers and put them at the heart of our decisions.

Our Dedicated Team​​​​​​​

   Addresss :   15, Fuchunjiang Road, Xixia Shu Textile Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
  Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat :  +86 13915071745
  E-mail:   sale@kingcason.com



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