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Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders: Save Big on Warmth

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Sherpa fabric has gained immense popularity for its exceptional warmth, comfort, and versatility. It is a high-pile, synthetic fabric that mimics the appearance and softness of wool. Originally used for lining cold-weather clothing, Sherpa fabric has now found its way into various industries, including apparel, home decor, and promotional merchandise. We will explore the benefits of Sherpa fabric, the reason for bulk Sherpa fabric orders, and how businesses and importers can place bulk orders to save big on warmth and coziness.

What is Sherpa Fabric?

Sherpa fabric is a type of fabric that mimics the texture and appearance of sheep's wool. It is typically made from synthetic materials, such as polyester, which are woven or knitted to create a fluffy and plush texture. The fabric's name is inspired by the Sherpa people of Nepal, who are renowned for their mountaineering skills in the Himalayas. Due to the cold temperatures, the Sherpa often dresses in warm, wool-lined attire. Other people became intrigued by this soft, comfortable material, and it wasn't long before Sherpa fabric took off. The sherpa fabric is typically made from polyester or a blend of polyester and other fibers. The unique construction of Sherpa fabric creates air pockets that provide excellent insulation, making it an ideal choice for cold weather.

Sherpa fabric has become a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. This soft and warm material is known for its luxurious feel and insulation properties. Although Sherpa fabric was inspired by the clothing worn by the Sherpa, there's one major difference – the Sherpa uses real sheepskin, while the Sherpa fabric does not. It's generally made of synthetic yarns and features two sides: a soft, piled-up wooly side and a smooth, flat, knitted side. Put these together, and you get the cozy, fuzzy sherpa found in coats, blankets, and upholstery today.

Benefits of Sherpa Fabric

Warmth and Insulation

Sherpa fabric is renowned for its excellent insulation properties. The thick, fluffy texture helps to trap air and retain body heat, providing optimal warmth during cold weather conditions. Choosing Sherpa fabric ensures that you stay cozy and snug in chilly temperatures. As an added bonus, it protects against moisture by drying quickly.

Soft and Comfortable

Sherpa fabric is incredibly soft to the touch, making it a pleasure to wear. Whether used in blankets, jackets, or other products, the softness of Sherpa fabric enhances the overall comfort experience. Not only is this soft, fluffy material comfortable, but it's also stylish. Sometimes, manufacturers will add unique patterns and designs to the flat, knitted side. Its plush texture offers a delightful sensory experience, making it a comfortable choice for clothing and accessories. Whether you're wearing a Sherpa jacket or wrapping yourself in a Sherpa blanket, the softness of the fabric enhances your overall comfort.

Durable and Long-lasting

Sherpa fabric is known for its durability and longevity. Provided you clean and wash it correctly,  It can withstand frequent use and washing without losing its softness or shape, making it an excellent long-term investment, you'll enjoy a sherpa blanket or clothing item for years to come.


The versatility of Sherpa fabric allows it to be used in a wide range of products. From clothing items like jackets and sweatshirts to home decor items like throws and pillows, Sherpa fabric adds a cozy touch to various applications.

Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders (7)

Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders: The Smart Choice

Cost Savings

Ordering Sherpa fabric in bulk quantities can lead to significant cost savings for businesses and organizations. Bulk orders often come with discounted prices, allowing buyers to save more per unit compared to purchasing smaller quantities.

Ideal for Businesses and Importers

Bulk Sherpa fabric orders are particularly beneficial for businesses and organizations that require large quantities of fabric for manufacturing purposes. Whether you run a clothing brand or need to create promotional merchandise, bulk orders ensure a steady supply of high-quality fabric.

Customization Options

When placing bulk orders, businesses often have the option to customize the Sherpa fabric according to their specific needs. This includes selecting colors, and patterns, and even having their logo or branding imprinted on the fabric.

Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders (2)

If you are looking for a suitable Sherpa fabric supplier, we are delighted to introduce ourselves as a leading textile manufacturer with an illustrious history of 30 years in the industry. With immense pride, we present our diverse range of top-notch products, including flannel fleece fabric, sherpa fabric, super soft fabric, faux fur, luminous fabric, and many other exquisite textiles.

At Kingcason, we have meticulously crafted our reputation as pioneers in the textile sector by consistently delivering exceptional quality products. Our state-of-the-art factory spans over an impressive 43,000+ square meters, employing over 300 skilled workers. We have harnessed the power of innovation and technology with 150+ professional prevention and control machines that ensure unrivaled precision and consistency in every piece we produce.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We take immense pride in the craftsmanship of our products and the satisfaction of our esteemed clients. Our dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to bring forth an unparalleled blend of quality, durability, and aesthetics in all our offerings.

Our Daily output capacity of 80-100T signifies our capability to meet even the most demanding deadlines, ensuring a seamless supply chain for our esteemed partners like you. Whether you need bulk quantities or customized solutions, we are fully equipped to cater to your every requirement with the utmost efficiency.

When you collaborate with Kingcason, you unlock an array of benefits:

Impeccable Quality: Our textiles undergo rigorous quality control measures to guarantee consistency and meet the highest industry standards.

Extensive Range: From cozy sherpa fabric to luxurious faux fur, we offer a diverse collection to cater to varied needs and preferences.

Competitive Pricing: Our streamlined processes enable us to provide you with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.Flexibility: We are open to customized orders, ensuring that your unique specifications and designs come to life seamlessly.

Timely Delivery: With our substantial daily output, you can rely on us to fulfill your orders promptly, no matter the scale.

Professional Support: Our responsive team of experts is ready to assist you at every stage of the process, ensuring a smooth and delightful experience. We believe that our partnership holds immense potential, and we would be thrilled to receive your inquiries. Whether you wish to explore our existing product line or require personalized solutions, our dedicated sales team is eager to assist you in making informed decisions.

To initiate a productive collaboration or inquire further, you can contact us. We eagerly await the opportunity to serve you and showcase our expertise in textile manufacturing.

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How to Place Bulk Orders for Sherpa Fabric

  1. Research and Select a Reliable Supplier: Begin by researching reputable suppliers that offer bulk Sherpa fabric orders. Check their reviews, product quality, and delivery timelines before making a decision. Kingcason is your best choice.

  2. Choose the Type and Quantity of Fabric: Determine the type and weight of Sherpa fabric required for your intended use. Consider factors like color, texture, and width as well.

  3. Get a Quote and Negotiate: Request quotes from multiple suppliers and negotiate to get the best price possible for your bulk order.

  4. Place the Order and Delivery Process: Once you finalize the supplier and other details, place the order and discuss the delivery process and timeline.

    bulk sherpa fabric orders

Popular Applications of Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders

Apparel and Clothing Industry

The apparel industry extensively uses Sherpa fabric to create warm and stylish clothing items such as jackets, hoodies, vests, and even footwear.

Home Decor and Furnishings

Sherpa fabric adds a cozy and inviting element to home decor items like throws, blankets, pillows, and seat cushions.

Pet Products

Sherpa fabric is a popular choice for pet products like pet beds and blankets, providing furry friends with the warmth and comfort they deserve.

Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders (10)

Sherpa Fabric Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity and performance of Sherpa fabric products, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Washing and Drying Instructions: Machine wash Sherpa fabric products on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry to avoid shrinkage.

  • Storing and Handling: When not in use, store Sherpa fabric items in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture damage. Avoid exposing the fabric to direct sunlight for extended periods.

Customer Testimonials: Real-life Experiences with Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders

"We are a garment factory and we typically use sherpa fabric in our winter clothing and our customers love the warmth and softness it provides. Bulk ordering from Kingcason helps us maintain quality consistency and save production costs." - Mohammad, a garment factory owner from Ecuador.

"We ordered a custom Sherpa blanket with our company logo as a festive gift for a client. The response has been overwhelming and our client was very impressed with this thoughtful and cozy gift." - Peter, Business Owner from Pakistan.

"As a pet supply buyer, I have been using Sherpa fabric for pet beds and the feedback from our customers has been fantastic. The durability and warmth of this fabric make it the perfect choice for our furry customers." - Loius, Pet Supplies Buyer from Colombia.


Bulk Sherpa fabric orders offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for businesses and organizations seeking warmth and coziness in their products. The exceptional warmth, softness, and durability of Sherpa fabric make it a favorite among various industries, from apparel to home decor and beyond. By placing bulk orders and customizing the fabric, we can create unique and memorable products that cater to their customers' needs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I order Sherpa fabric in different colors and patterns for my clothing line?

A: Yes, we offer customization options for Sherpa fabric, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

Q: Is Sherpa fabric suitable for baby clothing and products?

A: Sherpa fabric is a safe and cozy option for baby clothing and products, providing warmth and comfort for little ones. We have obtained the certification of Oeko-tex standard 100, and our fabrics have also passed the testing of authoritative organizations such as sgs, which can be used by children with confidence.

Q: How does ordering in bulk save costs compared to smaller quantities?

A: Bulk orders often come with discounted prices, making the cost per unit significantly lower than when buying smaller quantities.

Q: Are there eco-friendly options for Sherpa fabric?

A: Yes, we offer eco-friendly Sherpa fabric made from recycled materials, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Bulk Sherpa Fabric Orders (6)

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