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Flannel can be used in every part of life

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We firmly believe that if you spend your spring,falls and winters in the cooler parts of the country, flannel everything is certainly your best friend for those colder months. Like wintertime, flannel time is virtually a season in and of itself.

All-American Flannel

But, flannel is not just iconic, it is also a well-established piece of American heritage. Forever appearing in stories about lumberjacks and cowboys, flannel is quite literally woven into the fabric of American folklore. While flannel originated in Wales, it can be found in American history going as far back as the Civil War when soldiers used flannel to keep themselves warm and dry. Flannel also made an appearance as an important part of the country’s first railroads when it was worn by workers as flannel long underwear and overalls. Now it remains a cultural icon in America’s cold climates and is basically synonymous with fall in Vermont and winter in Colorado. Now, this amazing fabric remains one of the most stylish and sought-after fabrics around.


Totally Practical and Comfortable

We’ve established how flannel is amazing because of how iconic and how much a part of American culture it is. But, how does this time-tested fabric still hold up in 21st century America? Well, the answer is quite simple: it’s totally practical. Flannel is warm, comfortable, and perfect for cooler or wetter weather. This cold-weather staple is sure to keep us warm and cozy all winter long. Many fabrics tend to be tightly woven, but flannel material is loosely woven. This loose weave creates air spaces between fabric fibers. Because is a good insulator the many air pockets in the flannel fabric are what help it retain so much body heat in cold winter temperatures. The fabric will literally trap your body heat to keep you warm and cozy. Flannel is also typically made of brushed cotton, which means it’s also soft, lightweight, and breathable to wear.


Flannel Pajamas

Flannel doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. While hanging out all day in your favorite flannel shirt, you’re sure to wish you could feel so warm and cozy while climbing into bed. And you can. One of the most popular pajamas styles of all time is flannel pajamas. Especially for the colder winter months. Warm, but breathable, flannel is absolutely perfect for winter sleeping. You can be sure you’ll be cozy and totally comfortable. Even if you live in warmer climates, flannel pajamas can still be a great option for cooler nights.


Flannel Sheets

Take your flannel game to the next level with flannel sheets for all the beds in your house. Your family will definitely love you all the more for it. Flannel sheets are one of the things so many people look forward to when they think of winter coming. Because flannel is napped cotton fabric, which means loose fibers are teased loose from the overall weave, it makes flannel feel super soft and fluffy when you crawl into bed at night.

Flannel sheets can also feel very festive for the holiday season. Holiday flannel sheet sets are something that you and the whole family can look forward to when getting ready for the holidays. Holiday flannel sheets also make a great Christmas or holiday gift for anyone who is missing out on the flannel lifestyle.


Flannel Blankets

Blankets are great to have around the house. Especially during the colder months of the year. Swap out your regular throw blankets for a set of flannel blankets instead. Choose patterns like tartan, plaid, or other winter-themed designs to really get into the cozy winter mood that flannel so much inspires.


But, flannel doesn’t end there, so definitely enjoy this wonderful and iconic fabric for all the joy and coziness it brings us during the colder months.