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Fleece vs. Terry Cloth Robe: Choosing the Best One

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When you love them both, picking just one can feel almost impossible. The real question is, do you really need to choose just one? Since terry cloth robes and fleece robes each have their own set of advantages, you just may think twice about limiting yourself to one type of women’s robes. Let's get to know a little about both terry cloth robes and fleece robes so you can make an informed decision.


Terry Cloth Robes

You could search the whole world over, and you'll never find a robe that is as absorbent as one made of terry cloth. That is why you love wrapping a soft terry cloth robe around you right away in the morning, right out of the shower. Imagine yourself, in your terry cloth robe, on the three seasons porch with a cup of joe and a riveting book, right after you've hit the steaming hot shower after your morning workout. Is that not the height of luxury and relaxation?


What makes terry cloth robes so heavenly? Tightly woven loops of plush, authentic Turkish cotton terry cloth that is made in state-of-the-art mills by skilled artisans who draw upon generations of expertise. A cotton robe is truly the treat your whole body can look forward to. Thanks to the design of the thick, uncut loops, this type of robe is generally warmer than other materials. When shopping for a terry cloth robe, take note of the length of the loops (this will tell you how much moisture it can absorb).

Terry cloth robes are built to absorb more moisture than regular cotton robes. The way the terry cloth robe is built makes it feel absolutely luxurious against your skin when you are coming from the bath. It is absorbent and perfect for wicking away moisture.

And as we mentioned above, the way the terry cloth robe is built to be thicker and warmer than other styles, meaning it’s great to wear during the fall or winter season or in colder climates. It’s also great to have on hand if you are vacationing in a destination where you'll be in and out of a pool or natural body of water a lot. Having a decadent terry cloth robe to slip into right away will warm you up instantly.

Bottom line: if you use a robe after your shower or bath, then your body needs the thickness and warmth of a women's terry cloth robe.


Fleece Robes

When what you need is to feel warm and cozy, nothing comforts you like a fleece robe. They are plush, to insulate your body from the winter chill while wrapping you in incredible softness. There is not another material in the world that can hold a candle to the soft-spun polyester used in a Lands' End fleece robe. Time spent wrapped in the plushness of a fleece robe is like time wrapped beneath your own personal blanket made from the softest fleece on the planet. Plus, fleece will never pill while keeping you toasty warm year after year. You'll want to spend sunup to sundown snuggled up in your fleece robe.

If you are coming home after an especially hard day from work or you just spent the last hour shoveling the snow out of the driveway, nothing beats tearing off your uncomfortable work attire or soggy, wet clothes from being outside and slipping into a fleece robe. You can almost feel it now as you imagine yourself curled up on the sofa, sipping a cup of hot cocoa, slipping on some fuzzy slippers, and feeling the luxurious soft fleece robe against your skin. Also, having a thick, warm fleece robe to wear first thing in the morning will really bring your morning routine to the next level. Day or night, a fleece robe is there to make everything better.

Bottom line: if you want a robe for snuggling before bedtime or lounging around the house, a fleece robe is the one you need.

The Benefits of Having a Robe

A robe is a wise investment for many reasons. One, it's a simple way to instantly add a sense of luxury to your life. Even the most mundane tasks are romanticized when you are wrapped up in an ultra-soft fleece robe. And we can promise the routine of simply showering or taking a long soak in the tub feels even better when you can slip into a warm terrycloth robe immediately afterward. Robes are fabulous for both morning and night (and just those days when you're off from work and don't feel like getting dressed). Don’t forget that both of these robe types make excellent gifts for loved ones. So if you’re all set on robes, but are stumped on what to get a friend or family member for their birthday or during the holiday season, make their day better by presenting them with such a luxurious gift. It’s something people of all ages will appreciate, from the tiny toddlers in your family to your teenagers to your elderly grandparents.

If you live in a cold climate, we strongly recommend adding a fuzzy, warm robe to your wardrobe collection. Robes can be layered over other clothing, too, like women’s loungewear or soft flannel pajama sets. When you need to layer up on a particularly blustery winter evening, pull out your favorite flannel pajama set, layer over a robe, and slip into some fuzzy slippers. Make it even better by curling up on the couch with a plush throw blanket and your guilty pleasure TV show.

See? You can love them both without feeling a bit guilty about it. Because terry cloth and fleece are made from very different materials, they each offer their own unique set of advantages. With one robe made of fleece and another made from cotton terry cloth hanging in your closet, you can rest easy knowing you're perfectly covered, along with your other comfy clothes.

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