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A complete guide to fabric sourcing


If you are a beginner to the world of product development, counter sourcing is a great way to ensure you get the exact materials you are looking for without having to get into all the technical details and industry jargon. For someone who is more novice or has a degree in textiles sometimes we know what we want.  But, the reality is most of you don't have this type of knowledge from working fabric sourcing jobs that take at least a decade to amass. But, don't worry, if you follow this guide you will be sourcing fabric like a pro.



Start by shopping your favorite stores to find fabrics you like and would want to use for your own brand.What you can do is:


Ask sales reps what styles are selling best. Today, more and more shoppers are asking questions about what it is they are buying. So ask away.

Seriously, sales reps can add so much value to your business. Whether you are chatting up your competitors for research information or listening to your own. They are the unsung heroes of product development.As it happens, KINGCASON has a group of very professional sales representatives.



Once you find the fabric you want, you need to find someone who can do it for you.

How to Find a Fabric Manufacturer

First, you need to know the different kinds of fabric suppliers. There are two ways to source fabrics and they are directly linked to the factory. Or with a fabric sourcing agent. Each method has pros and cons, let's take a look.

When you source directly from wholesale fabric mills, there are no middlemen. This means you will get the best price. It also means fewer mistakes in communication because you are talking directly to the person who made the fabric. However, from a direct work perspective, these people are serious. You need to have confidence in what you want and how you want it, the factory doesn't waste time on hobbyists.

So how to find the right wholesale fabric manufacturer? You can find suitable fabric factories through various online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and some professional factories even post videos on YouTube, you can learn from these channels. Of course, you can also log in to some professional e-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba, Amazon, etc., and you can also find suppliers that satisfy you. If you only use Google, you can also search by keywords to find professional fabric manufacturers. Of course, if you are browsing this blog now, you can also choose the most suitable fabric factory, which is us - KINGCASON.



If you find a suitable fabric factory, you can send them a sample of the fabric style you want to make.

And, tell them why you like the fabric. They may not have the exact same fabric you sent, but they have a very similar one.

When sending samples, please be sure to label them clearly. Give each fabric a name or numerical code to avoid confusion. And, always enter a clear list of what you're sending.

Step 5 - View the samples the factory sent you

After receiving your sample, the factory will go into their fabric library to check the fabrics currently running and pick up some similar items. They will then send back to you a sample of fabric they think may be suitable, based on the original sample you sent them.

FYI, it is your responsibility to pay your own shipping costs here. It is not the factory's responsibility to pay shipping for the brand.FYI, you are responsible for paying for your own shipping charges here. It is not the mills responsibility to front shipping costs for a brand.


Step 6 - Stay organized

To stay organized and keep records of data at all times, this form should contain key information for all fabrics, such as:

fabric name

The percentage of fiber types that make up the fabric

Type of fabric weave or knit

Sample Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): The minimum number of meters of fabric you can order in a sample order

Sample lead time: How long does it take to get fabric samples

Bulk Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): How much fabric needs to be ordered for the bulk price

Bulk price and expiration date: How long does it take to make and ship fabric when ordering in bulk

Special Finishes or Treatments: Washed, Waterproof, Soft, etc.

MOQ Pro Tips

Can't meet the MOQ? Partner and work together. Sometimes you can put together several smaller brands and place an order together to meet the minimum requirements. Or sometimes, the factory makes your "bulk order" a sample order.


Step 7 - Manage your bulk orders

Bulk fabric orders usually take 1-4 months. Follow up with the factory on a regular basis - for example every 10-20 days, depending on your delivery time. And ask if everything is shipping on time, or if there are any issues that might delay shipping.In any case, KINGCASON is your best choice.