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How to Care for Your Faux Fur?

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The fake fur is now everywhere, whether in the street (vests, coats, accessories, hoods …) or in interior decorations (plaids, cushions …). This alternative is respectful of animals and economical compared to real fur. It also allows a great fantasy in terms of choice of materials, hair lengths and colors…

If you want this alternative to remain environmentally friendly, you must take care of your fur so that it keeps all its splendor for a long time!As an excellent and competitive professional fabric manufacturer, we have a few tips to share with you on this subject. Here’s everything you need to know to take care of your synthetic fur and make sure you keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible!


The Worst Danger for Fur

Faux fur is completely unaffected by insects, such as moths, unlike its natural counterpart. It does not suffer from drying out of the leather or loss of hair. What threatens it the most is wear and tear! Friction is the worst enemy of faux fur.

What is this friction? They are daily, and by repeating them over and over again, they will come to the end of the most luxurious furs, here is an example of the areas of wear and tear for clothing:

  • l Elbows and arms when you lean against a table

  • l Sleeves end with wrist rubbing

  • l Armpits with arm rubbing

  • l Back and bottom when you remain seated

  • l Inside of the collar with neck rubbing

  • l Shoulder with the rubbing of a bag handle

While some of these situations are difficult to avoid, certain habits will allow you to keep a fake fur in perfect condition for many years!

The best advice is to never drive while wearing fur. In addition to being a danger to your safety (restricted movement, risk of getting caught in your sleeves, inefficient seat belts), you're also serious about sticking your beautiful fur to the seat of your car (or any public place).

Our advice is also applicable if you wear a fur-lined hooded jacket. Stuck in your back, the fur edging will suffer repeated rubbing every time you sit, while being crushed, its life span (and visual look) will be seriously degraded.

The reflex to adopt is to always leave its fur when you have to sit down. You can still enjoy its soft warmth by keeping it on your lap, for example, when possible. This advice alone will prevent 90% of the symptoms of fur wear.

Heat is dangerous too!

Another enemy to avoid: heat sources! In addition to the fact that it is bad for your health, absolutely avoid smoking while wearing fur (possible burns on the collar), and at all costs never put it in the dryer. Dry air heated to the extreme by tumble dryers will burn the tips of the hairs and give them an absolutely unflattering visual appearance, making them lose all suppleness and softness. Even with a cold setting, the dryer is a real enemy to fur because repeated rubbing on the drum surfaces wears away the tips of the hairs.

To give you an idea, here’s what it looks like (be careful, only one tumble dryer pass can lead to this result):


Washing? To be controlled!

We detail in this article how to wash a fake fur, remember that the only solutions that will not damage the synthetic fur are dry washing by professionals, and cold washing at home (the same as for wool). And since two precautions are better than one, once again, never, never tumble dry. An air dryer will dry your fur efficiently without damaging it.

Storage, often forgotten!

Synthetic fur fears too tight storage. To avoid crushing the hair, therefore, provide space if you hang your furs in a closet. And if you have to fold your fur plaid, don’t crush it too much.

Indeed, the synthetic hair fears crushing and returns with difficulty in place after such a treatment. In this case, your fur will not be specifically worn out, but its visual aspect and softness will be strongly degraded… Make sure that the hair is laid flat, to avoid it being ruffled, and thus even stored for several months, your fur will be impeccable in the first days of cold weather!

With these few tips, you will keep your furs beautiful and soft for many years. So, adopt an eco-friendly attitude by taking care of these wonders to avoid having to dispose them too quickly…

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