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How to Make a Polyester Blanket Soft Again

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Make it feather-soft in a few simple steps

Polyester items like clothing are present in our lives daily. This fabric is easy to maintain, it is lightweight and quite handy. No wonder that blankets made of it became so popular!

However, when being used frequently, they soon tend to lose their softness, and that is what disappoints their owners a lot. Want to know how to revive your favorite polyester blanket and make it soft as a feather? We know several tricks that can help you out with that!


How to Make Polyester Blankets Soft?

There are several ways to restore softness to a blanket and make it pleasant to the touch. Each of them is different due to the supplies required, and not all methods require actual cleaning.

Duvet covers and blankets made of polyester are soft and warm, which is why we all love them, but what can we do to restore softness to blankets and blankets after long-term use? We can suggest several options:

How to make blankets softer in the washing machine?

The easiest and quickest way to bring your soft blankets back to life is to wash them. But the trick is that you need to add white vinegar to the wash. The next thing you need to do is get the blanket ready and turn the machine down to a gentle low setting. The next step is to shake the blanket properly and even double check. This way, you will ensure that no more debris is left somewhere in the folds or fluff. Now pour in the amount of detergent needed to wash the polyester and add the white acetate to the same compartment. Then push the blanket into the bucket, and if you have other polyester items to wash, add them too, but only if they are the same color!

During the wash, the vinegar will work to restore softness to the polyester blanket. This natural liquid is able to loosen fibers so that washing products can work better and remove dirt and grime from fabrics.

Might really need to be rinsed twice as the vinegar smell is so strong it doesn't always wash off after the first time. That's perfectly fine though, after repeated rinsing, your quilt will be odor free.

It is best to dry polyester blankets and blankets on a drying rack or clothesline, of course, until completely dry.

We even recommend keeping a dehumidifier in the cabinet where you store your blankets to ensure they stay fresh and dry.


How to make a blanket soft by hand washing?

Some blankets may have delicate embellishments, such as embroidery or beading, that are likely to be damaged in the wash tub. So for the sake of safety, it is better to choose this way of hand washing.

Get detergent, some white vinegar, a basin, and a hose. Shake the blanket first to make sure it's free of dirt and debris. Put the desired amount of washing product (powder or liquid) into the basin and add some vinegar. Now connect the hose to the faucet and fill the basin with water. You want to fill it halfway or about three-quarters full. When there is enough water, shake it to dissolve the cleaning solution, then soak the blanket in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. You see, soaking allows the acetic acid to work its magic, loosening the fibers and restoring softness to the fabric. Also, the detergent will have more time to work on the dirty spots. Now just wash the items by hand and rinse the blanket until the acetic acid smell is gone and soap residue is not palpable on the surface.

Then, squeeze thoroughly and hang to dry.

As you've noticed, both methods require white acetic acid, but other than that, the process is exactly the same as regular laundry.


Are there other ways to make the fabric softer when washing a blanket?

Whether you're dealing with large, soft, thin comforters or quilts, softening them through washing can be a hassle, especially if they're bulky.

That's why so many people start looking for other, easier ways to restore the softness of those blankets. If for some reason you don't want to take the time to clean with vinegar (especially by hand), we can suggest another solution.

When pushing a freshly laundered blanket into the drying drum, try adding three tennis balls to the drying drum. These balls help to make the lids fluffy, and by the way, using them cuts down on drying time a lot!

However, these balls are by no means a substitute for vinegar, as acetic acid does more than just soften fabrics. It also acts as a disinfectant, removes musty smells, and even removes stains, and is completely natural and wholesome.

Wool, polyester, fleece and sherpa blankets. how to wash?

When it comes to how to clean a blanket, the most important thing to consider is the material of the blanket. Hanging on to their materials, it will be much easier to find out the correct washing instructions and follow them accordingly.

How to wash polyester blanket?

If we need to figure out how to clean a polyester blanket, please note that this fabric must be washed in warm water (but no hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit) with a mild detergent, no bleach or commercial fabric softener (but vinegar is allowed) . Also, polyester should never be washed with other textiles.

As for drying, tumble it on the lowest possible heat and place the tennis balls in the tub to ensure that the blanket or whatever you're drying is completely dry.

Washed polar fleece

This type of material does not require vigorous washing. Simply wash in cold water on a gentle cycle setting without brighteners.

Tumble dry on low or no heat, avoid ironing, and your fleece cover will be as soft as a feather.


frequently asked questions

⭐Why is my polyester blanket no longer soft after washing?

It could be that the temperature was too high, or you used a harsh cleaner. However, it can also happen after drying at too high a temperature.

⭐ How to wash knitted polyester blanket?

First, use an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Wash in a mesh laundry bag and follow care label directions as different types of yarn require different laundry settings. Polyester can typically withstand temperatures up to 140 F.

⭐ How do I wash an Acrylic/Polyester Blend Blanket?

Choose a gentle warm or cold water regimen, use a mild detergent, and tumble dry on low heat.

⭐ How do I keep my polyester blanket from falling off?

The best way to soften fabrics is to add white vinegar to your garments as directed on the care label.

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