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How to Wash Sherpa Blanket or Jacket Without Ruining It

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Nothing is cozier than a thick, cuddly sherpa blanket draped over your couch in the fall! This soft material is perfect for cooler days, but keeping it clean can get a little tricky. If you have ever ended up with a matted, pilled sherpa jacket, you probably want to find out how to wash a sherpa blanket or jacket without ruining it!

Most sherpa blankets and jackets will maintain their fluffy texture with proper care. Using a delicate, cool water wash cycle with dye and fragrance-free detergent will prevent matting or pilling. Air-drying the jacket or blanket will protect it from scorching in the dryer’s heat, though tumble dry could offer a safe alternative.

In this article, you will find out what makes your sherpa blanket so soft. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to clean and care for this unique material. Finally, you will learn how to avoid damaging your special sherpa items in the first place!


l What is a Sherpa Blanket?

Sherpa blankets typically have contrasting textures on each side, one that resembles fluffy sheep’s wool and the other a smooth knit. Most of these blankets contain polyester or a polyester blend. This style of fleece blanket is meant to resemble the traditional clothing once worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal.

Sherpa blankets provide all the softness and snuggle you could look for in a blanket! This kind of fleece often gets called the plushest of all types of fleece. The sheep’s fleece-like side has fine, brushed fibers that trap body heat and provide excellent warmth as well.

The only downside you might discover about these blankets is that proper care can cause them to mat, pill, or generally look squashed.

Finally, you may also want to consider the question of synthetic vs natural materials in your blankets. Sherpa blankets usually feature polyester fibers. Polyester is 100% synthetic and comes from byproducts of petroleum.


l Can You Wash Sherpa?

You can wash sherpa fabric in cool water by hand or in a delicate washing machine cycle. Hand washing or using the delicate cycle cuts down on the amount of friction the fabric sustains. This friction can cause tiny thread bobbles called pills to form on the surface of the material.

Special precautions such as using only dye-free and scent-free detergent will help prevent matting on the fleecy side of the fabric.

High heat, harsh chemicals, and sustained friction can cause damage to sherpa fabric. This material should never go in a dryer in normal settings. It might scorch, melt, or get irreversibly matted under these conditions.

Also, you should use cool water instead of hot water or warm water for both and rinse cycle if you use your washing machine.

Finally, avoid using any type of bleach on this kind of fleece. In dire circumstances, you can apply a non-chlorine bleach and instantly rinse it out, but even this could negatively impact the texture of the fleece.

If this seems like a lot of trouble, just remember that careful washing and drying can keep your sherpa blankets soft and fluffy for years to come!


l How to Wash a Sherpa Blanket Without Ruining It

Taking a few extra precautions will preserve the soft, plush texture that makes your sherpa blanket so special.

The good news is that you can wash your blanket without doing any harm to it! The bad news is that if you wash your blanket in the wrong way, you might end up with a flat, scraggly mat instead of a fluffy blanket.

Please note that you should always read the manufacturer’s care instructions on the label attached to your blanket before attempting any kind of washing. The steps described here work on most sherpa throws, but do what the label says!

Keep reading to find out all the best tips and tricks so you can wash a sherpa blanket like a pro!

You can do this:

Proper cleaning

1. Shake the fuzzy blanket before putting it in the washing machine.

2. Add some detergent and white vinegar to the washer’s compartment.

3. Place the blanket in the washing machine and set it in the gentle cycle at a low temperature

4. Finish the process and air-dry.

5. Drape the fuzzy blanket to keep it from wrinkling.


Proper maintenance

1. Avoid bleach, harsh stain removers, and fabric softeners when washing a fuzzy blanket.

2. Never iron the fuzzy blanket because heat can melt the fibres and also cause the blanket to pill and matte.

3. Ventilate the blanket regularly to freshen it.

Brush the Sherpa blanket to remove matting

Another way to remove the buildup of fibres in a Sherpa blanket and restore its softness is with a brush or tangle teezer. This method is handy for Sherpa blankets that have matted and lost their fluffy texture. However, be gentle in brushing your blanket to keep it from shedding.

1. Take out the blanket while still damp, so the fibres are still elastic and easier to fluff up.

2. Brush the blanket in sections using gentle circular motions to loosen the fibres.

3. Target the clumps by pressing deeper and then lift the brush away to draw the fibres outward.

4. You can also shake the brush side to side when combing the blanket to loosen bigger chunks.

5. Repeat brushing some clumps to ensure that the whole blanket gets fluffy again.


So, has your sherpa blanket lost its loft? The best solution to get your sherpa blanket soft again is to wash it with white vinegar, a safe and effective additive that loosens fibers and restores the blanket quickly, as well as you can use a brush to remove those caked-on parts.

Have you learned some maintenance tips for sherpa blankets through this blog? If you think our articles are useful to you, please contact us!

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