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Reasons to Choose Polyester Faux Fur instead of Acrylic one

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When we talk about faux fur fabric, acrylic/polyester blends may easily spring to your mind. Even if you google “faux fur”, you will have similar information. But things have been changed, polyester faux fur is now a better substitute for traditional acrylic/polyester blended one. Before we list the reason why choose polyester, let’s see what’s the common items on the market.

1. Acrylic faux fur

We start to use acrylic to produce faux fur for more than half a century. As a circular knitted fabric, we normally use acrylic or modacrylic as pile and polyester as ground. So, the fabric composition is around 80% acrylic/modacrylic, 20% polyester. Due to the combined properties of the fibres' cross-sectional shape, glossiness, fineness and length as well as the type of fibre, modacrylic fibre (also named modified acrylic) are the best polymers that can reach the real look real feel of faux fur. The percentage of acrylic and modacrylic differs from the item. But modacrylic is always expensive than acrylic material.

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2. 100% polyester faux fur

Polyester faux fur is not new, but old fashion one is like knitted PV plush, coral fleece, velour that mainly used in home textiles like blankets, throws, cushions as well as soft toys. As a leading faux furl manufacturer in China, Easetex Industries start the innovation of polyester faux fur in 2010. Their polyester faux fur have better comprehensive properties, it is comparable with acrylic one.


3. 3 reasons that we suggest choosing polyester faux fur

First, as the conventional chemical fibres, polyester has the price competitive power over acrylic and modacrylic.

Second, polyester faux fur can have a lighter weight than acrylic/modacrylic one. In this case, faux fur can be used in spring and autumn collections. Also, as it is not as puffy as old acrylic one, it can be more suitable for the fashion styles of youth.

Third, part of polyester faux fur items can meet sustainable requirements while acrylic and modacrylic ones not.


Here is a brief introduction to sustainable faux fur:

Recycled polyester, often called rPET. It is a great way to divert plastic from our landfills. The production of recycled polyester requires far fewer resources than that of new fibres and generates fewer CO2 emissions. So, our recycled polyester faux fur is sustainable.


There are, of cause, some advantages that polyester faux fur can not have. Acrylic faux fur still is the best substitution for some luxury real fur like faux mink fur and faux

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