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What About Knitted Fleece Fabrics?

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    Knit fleece fabric is little connected to its natural counterpart that is made from wool. This fleece, also known as polyester fleece is a manufactured fabric made from polyester, an extruded polymer fiber.


    This fleece fabric was first developed and excel the qualities of wool. The novel fabric was patent-free, becoming quickly and widely utilized in a variety of designs worldwide. Initially, this polyester fleece fabric was adopted by outdoor enthusiasts who appreciated this fabric as a lightweight, comfortable and flexible alternative to woolen layers, especially its affordable price. It soon gained widespread appeal, transitioning from being perceived as a technical fabric to a household staple, as designers and clothing manufacturers found new and mainstream ways of exploiting its properties.


    The fabric is soft-napped and known for it's soft, felt–like or fuzzy texture. Though much lighter than wool, polyester fleece fabric possesses a pile that retains heat effectively and has a similar, wool-like warmth and softness. The fleece tends to be anti-pilling, meaning that the fabric is less likely to develop bobbles or bumps with wear over time.


The addition of cotton or other fibers as well as differences in manufacturing techniques can produce a wide variety of fleece fabrics, making it easy for a designer to source the ideal fleece fabric for a product. The qualities of this fabric, as well as its durable and water-resistant properties, making it an incredibly versatile choice for producing a variety of 

clothing and household items.


    This fabric has the following characteristics:

  1.Don't fray:Which makes fleece an ideal fabric for the creation of blankets, scarves and other no-sew products.

  2.Varying thicknesses available: This fleece fabrics can be rated according to the thickness which varies from microfleece fabric, through 100-500gsm which is the thickest fleece.

  3.Water resistance/waterproof: The polyester fibers that make up synthetic fleece are inherently water resistant. These fleece fabrics typically hold less than one percent of its weight in moisture. We can also make durable water proof function finish for outdoor products use.

  4.Breathable: Though warm, moisture and air are able to move through this fabric, especially the thinner and more flexible fleece variants.

  5.Lightweight: Polyester Fleece garments are much lighter than equivalent clothing created using natural wool fibers.

  6.Machine washable: Maintenance of polyester fleece fibers is simple, as this fabric washes well without significant shrinkage warping or pilling. They do not hold large amounts of moisture these fabrics dry quickly.

  7.Holds its shape well:This property adds greatly to the durability of garments made from polyester fleece.

Garment fashion designer or crafts enthusiasts are probably better placed to describe the full range of products that can be made with polyester fleece fabric. As it is low maintenance and workable, fleece has surged in popularity, and it is widely used in home sewing projects.This knitted fabric has a broad range of uses including clothing, such asmittens, jackets,sweaters,scarves and baby clothes. It can also be used to create blankets cheaply and to line clothing. And it is considered a good choice for a variety of pet bedding also.